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Micro realism 

Tattoo & illustration

I draw natures and your story in delicate styles.

My biggest inspiration is Time

Time is a flow that all life on this earth cannot resist.

All beings are born in a loop that repeats over and over again,

creating history by repeating it over time.

Antique pendant tattoo

Destined to be mortal, we praise and worship those who survive and endure time.

Like a small, insignificant stone is born into a jewel when it overcomes heat and time.

Blooming and dying as we fated is the most natural, ordinary, trivial, and futile,
yet infinitely beautiful, sad, and splendid miracle.

Nature is a miracle that repeats in infinite time.

Every day, we witness the greatest joy and emptiness of countless lives being born, burning the most beautiful moments, and fading away.

botanical lizard tattoo
still life Microrealism tattoo
History is the human will to exist nonetheless.


We defy nature, refusing to acknowledge that we are nothing more than minor beings in the universe.

In search of the meaning of existence and the reason to live, we engrave it on stones, trees, and paper and pass it on to future generations to exist even after death.

Your now is moment, history, and eternity.


I'll be a passing person in your time

However, our work will be with your eternity.


I'll follow everyday's sun and moon,

searching for the smallest miracle in the world.

And waiting for the moment

to engrave precious piece of time of yours.


2nd Floor, 2063 Yonge st, Toronto, ON, M4S 2A2

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