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How to take care of your tattoo

Step 1: Removing the Second Skin
  1. Remove the second skin within 24 hours, ideally after a shower when it's easier to loosen.

  2. Gentle Removal: Peel off the second skin gently. If it's sticky, spray cold water between the tattoo and the skin for easier removal.

  3. Washing: After removing the second skin, gently wash your tattoo with water and pat it dry.
    (Alerts: If you feel itching, swelling, or notice pimples, remove the second skin immediately.)

  4. Adhesive Residue: Use warm water and unscented soap to gently rub off any sticky residue.

Step 2: Applying Ointment
  1. Products: Use unscented lotion.

  2. Moisturizing: Apply a small amount of cream five times a day to keep the tattoo moisturized. Using too much might block airflow and cause inflammation.

  3. Cleaning: Clean your tattoo if needed. Use cold, clean water and pat dry before applying cream.

  4. Healing Time: Your tattoo should heal in 3 weeks to a month.

Additional Care Tips

  • Peeling: Let the tattoo peel naturally within healing process, don't pick at it or soak it in water.

  • Restrictions: Avoid baths, sun exposure, swimming pools, oceans, or saunas until your skin is fully healed to prevent infection.

  • Activity: Avoid intense workouts and alcohol for three days.

  • Showering: You can shower, but minimize direct and prolonged exposure to hot water. Cold water is better for rinsing the tattoo.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime.

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