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How to take care of your tattoo

Step 1. Second Skin

Remove second skin in 24 hours. 

Soak it with water so the edge can be loosen enough. The best timing would be right after the shower.

When you remove it, try to do it gently. If it's too sticky, spray cold water between your tattoo and second skin.

After you remove second skin gently wash your tattoo with water and dry it.

If you feel anything abnormal (such as itchiness, swallowing, pimples), take it off right away.  

After taking bandage off

There will be remains like some of ink, blood, body fluid. Rinse it with cool, clean water after drying it.

Start taking care of it with cream.

If there is adhesive residue, : use warm water and unscented soap. Gently rub it to loosen the stickiness. 


Step 2. Ointment

You can use unscented lotion or tattoo aftercare cream for aftercare products.

Moisturizing : Don't leave your tattoo dry.

- Moisturize your tattoo five times a day 

-Use a small portion each time you apply it. If you use too much at a time, it might block

 the air to the skin and it might cause inflammation.

Keep it clean.

- Avoid exposing your tattoo under direct water, but I prefer to clean your tattoo if it's dirty.

- Use cold and clean water, gently rinse your tattoo and apply cream after dry it.

Expected healing process time is 3 weeks to a month.

Within a week, your tattoo will start to peel off, don't pick dead skin with your hand or soak it off with water.


- Bath, Sun tanned ( repeating damage your skin)  swimming pool, ocean, public sauna 

( unknown germs or bacteria could get in to your system ) are not recommended until your skin is fully recovered.

- Workout, drinking is not recommended for 3days

- You can take shower. Try to avoid direct, long exposure to water. Cold water is better than hot water on tattoo.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

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