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Before you make decision

Step 1 . Decide what you want

Yes, Tattoo is artist's work. But at the end of the day it will be yours, on your skin. Your artist advise you for best results but you can't make your artist to choose what you want. Sometimes it takes years to decide. However tattoo is permanent, even thou it takes more than you thought don't rush about it. Once you are ready you will know.

Step 2 . Know the risk

Modern tattoo is fairy safe. But there is always risks since it's invasive procedure.

There are two major concerns.

1. Tattoo doesn't stay as same as fist day. Your tattoo grows old with you and changes with your lifetime. It's caused by skin getting old or personal condition of skin , also caused exposure to sunlight, even lack of artist's skill.

But also it's nature of tattoo, so you need to know and ready to accept.

2. You might have allergy to tattoo ink. Allergy reaction to tattoo ink is considered rare but it exist. Tattoo ink has many ingredient to make it's colors. It's impossible to predict if you are gonna have allergy to specific ink because lots of time you get delayed reaction.  Often when your body is tired you might get minor itch, bump, rashes. It should be gone after couple of  days. If it doesn't go to see dermatologist to get treat. The worst case you might need to get removal.

Step 3 . Find your artist

if you are ready to commit to it, It's time to find right artist for you. There are thousands of styles, and artists. Take your time on research on online such as Pinterest, Instagram, Google. Or get recommendation from people who got tattooed around you.

Most important at this stage, make sure that artist does work similar style you want.

Every style need specific skills and aspects to approach.  

Step 4 . Talk to your future artist

Simply talk to them! Ask your questions and get recommendations.

Every artists has different booking system. But It's just finding two person's agreement.

Be respectful to each other but also don't hesitate to step back if something bothers you.

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