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Booking Process

1. Submit your inquiry via link

2. Consultations

1. Initial consultation : 15-30 minutes / Zoom or phone call

At this stage, We will confirm your initial idea of tattoo. You will be given rough qoute.

2. Additional consultation / Zoom or In person

Depends on case there will be following consultation.

3. Make deposit

Deposit is $200(+tax) , Non refundable. Reschedule is available within 7 days notice. 

Please note that if you didn't make deposit your appointment is not secured.

4. Design Process

I will share rough sketches with you. We will check final design on the date of appointment.

5. Come in on appointment day

  1. Skin preperation : Tattoo works way much better if your skin is moisturized. Taking care of your skin before appointment is highly recommended. If you need to shave your body hair on the area where we are gonna work on, it's best to do it a day before but it's not essential.

  2. What you need to prepare : Have a good sleep and eat before your visit. Do not take any pain killer or use numbing cream. Feel free to bring anything to entertain yourself during our session such as books, I-pads and Movies stuff.

  3. Wear clothes you can expose body area where you want to get tattooed. Recommended to wear loose fitted ones. Your clothes might get stained with inks.

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